Your voice is our command

Coming soon, the power of a super-flexible A.I. at your beck and call.




Get specific search queries plucked straight out of your report in seconds

Need just one, or several, key metrics extracted from your report? Voice takes care of that for you.

  • Ask Voice to search your report, and have those specific search queries delivered to you in moments
  • Observe your most important metrics with laser-focused precision, without the rest of your report bogging it down
  • Request multiple search queries in one sitting

Stuck in data overload? Have your reports read out loud to you, instead

Getting tangled up in your numbers? Here's how Voice makes that disappear:

  • Listen to your report word for word, so you can analyze every data point with a fresh pair of eyes
  • Request either mini breakdowns or full-length vocalizations of your reports for either brief or detailed stories
  • Get rid of the stress that comes with manually separating and categorizing data

Get highlights of your report in snippets on-the-go

Forget manually searching and writing down notes of your report's top-level analytics. Voice makes it easy.

  • Condense your reports into quick highlights that list out your data in easily digestible summaries
  • Make better-informed decisions based on quick recaps and simple paragraphs describing your reports
  • Impress your clients by explaining your reports in top-level detail, saving time in the process

Want to take Voice for a spin?

Request early access and be the first to know when we go live. We'll bring the snacks.

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