Story-driven marketing reports people actually want to see

Measureful is more than a way for you to translate numbers into beautiful reports. Experience firsthand how we make your data make sense — from advanced analytics to custom designs to powerful AI that transforms every lick of data into engaging stories.


Bring your dream report to life with custom designs

Stop wasting your dollars on overpriced templates. When you build with Measureful, you can:

  • Start from scratch with a blank canvas and design your own gorgeous marketing reports
  • Drag and drop creative elements, widgets, illustrations, and graphics to build reports that match your vision
  • Select your metric designs, add your logo, and make it truly yours, down to the last pixel

Smart reporting that makes sense (and looks good, too)

No more static reports. Our software sifts through your connected data and builds unique, dynamic monthly reports based on what's most important to cover.

Your clients will love the skimmable details, easily understood graphics, and informative summaries that show everything in a simple, clean way.


Presentation-ready, always

Make every report immediately presentation-ready, no matter how or when you start. Once you're finished with your custom designs, you can download and export your white-label reports as easily sharable PDFs in a sinch.


To-the-point "narratives" automatically created for you

No one will leave your meetings confused ever again.

Every piece of data is automated into engaging narratives or stories that summarize the highs, lows, and in-betweens in easily digestible formats in plain language.

And yes, you can add your own comments manually, too.


Deeply detailed weekly digests for your team & clients

Your clients expect you to be on top of things, especially when it comes to changes you can't control, but you can monitor and track in one place.

With Measureful, you can keep everyone easily informed and updated of any critical changes with weekly automated account management emails sent directly to your inbox.

(Be on the lookout for our new "voice" capabilities that will simply read these report summaries to you!)


Get your team involved

Sometimes, it's just unrealistic to expect you to do this all yourself. Invite collaborators, keep your team updated, and ditch outsourced tools that bog down the experience, while keeping your edits and changes organized in one place.


No more digging; get top-level insights at the drop of a hat

Smart mobile app


Detect hidden trends across various time periods, marketing channels, and periods of activity from your customers

Call booth


Never miss the changes that keep you up at night. Monitor every spike and drop in your data that are normally hard to spot

Smar devices


Get full digests of your insights you normally don't have time to dig up yourself


Cool stuff coming soon...


Measureful Voice

Our superpowered AI at your beck and call. Connect Measureful to Amazon Alexa and experience how voice-controlled commands and requests make your marketing reports just that much better.

  • Get your entire marketing report read out loud to you
  • Request vocalized versions of target search queries from your report, no matter how short or how long
  • Impress your clients with top-level data pulled straight from specific sections of your report

Let's make data make sense, together.

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