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Automated Marketing Reports

Beautiful, customizable marketing reports for agencies, freelancers and marketers. Automate your process of data collection, analysis and report presentation with Measureful.

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No more aggregating data. Simply connect your accounts, and we'll automate your reporting and delivery.

Smart Reporting

We'll add value to your reports with our Smart Reporting technology. We'll help identify findings, trends and insights to include, automatically.


Select the metrics and designs you want. Add your own logo and commentary before sending.


Elegantly designed visualization options with automated narration for a polished deliverable that's ready to share.

Your data source options We currently integrate with the following services:

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Google Analytics
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Google Adwords
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Custom Data Upload
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SEO Keyword Rankings
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Bing Ads
Facebook ee70df58aff55a0d71c94f4fa34142b480015a853070679d0f12c83292a5c1f3
Facebook Ads

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Agency Testimonials

“Before Measureful, our team spent countless hours exporting reports from Google Analytics and churning data into readable answers for our clients. The time-saving “plug 'n play” simplicity of Measureful's reporting system has cut our reporting agenda in half, giving us the ability to send our clients visually appealing digestible reports faster than ever before.”
– Lucas Garvin, CEO, Visify
“I love Measureful! It's saved me quite a bit of time when it comes to reporting, and is especially useful for pulling up the data that only my clients care about. Pulling reports has really simplified my schedule and helped improve my overall productivity. Combine that with how damn attractive they look, my clients have loved them!”
– Glenn Roberts, SEM Consultant
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